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How to Manage Warehouse Inventory and Drive Efficiency Across the Supply Chain

Proper warehouse inventory management can be challenging but, if you follow useful advice, you can increase efficiency and reduce costs across your omni-channel supply chain.

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Proper warehouse inventory management can be challenging but, if you follow useful advice, you can increase efficiency and reduce costs across your omni-channel supply chain.

Even though the survey's results show that close to seven out of ten shippers were not impacted, that does not mean pain points during the shutdown's 35 days were not felt.

2019 is shaping up to be a year in which warehouses and distribution centers continue the development and implementation of technology-based processes, and technology will allow shippers to work smarter, faster and with fewer human resources.

In this white paper, you will learn what supply chain leaders need to understand why logistics fundamentals will continue to shape the e-commerce shipping strategy and how to master e-commerce logistics.

Enterprise Sensor Integration, Tapestry Solutions’ IoT software platform, has been deployed across major aerospace and defense companies resulting in substantial supply chain cost savings due to increased productivity, asset visibility, and standardization.

In this case study June Hsieh, Sales Manager, Digital Logistics & Fleet Management Sector discusses how Advantech can assist the traditional warehousing and logistics industry to plan the most sophisticated intelligent applications as quickly as possible.

Most executives understand a physical supply chain and realize the potential cost and time-to-market benefits of contracting with partners within this supply chain. But most executives are ill informed about the potential benefits that could be obtained by digitizing today’s complex supply chains.

Artificial Intelligence is already enhancing our lives as consumers, now it is picking up momentum in supply chain management and logistics, and managers should pay close attention as more AI-enhanced solutions emerge.

In a joint report, DHL and IBM have evaluated the potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in logistics and exposed how it can be best applied to transform the industry.

This 2018 paper is a collaborative report by DHL and IBM on implications and use cases for the logistics industry, it details how Artificial intelligence (AI) provides a huge opportunity as it leaps from consumer segments to enterprises and onward to the industrial sector and logistics.

Learn how Tingtong Logistics breaks through efficiency bottleneck by implementing Advantech's solution - Warehouse Paperless Process & Real-Time Order Tracking Freight Management Solution.

For the purpose of effective management, cost reduction, and fast delivery, logistics systems should integrate all information, automation, and network into system applications, Advantech provides all products and services needed to provide more transparent and intelligent management systems for the logistics supply chain.

LDK Logistics wanted to diversify and optimize their business processes with automation to save time and money, they reached out to Chetu, to implement a Human Resources and Employee Management system, as well as implement a screen display for real-time data updates.

Autonomous trucks and cars, delivery drones, on-demand services, logistics is changing, view this infographic and discover how Uber and Amazon are attempting to disrupt this $8.1 trillion market.

Logistics performance management is a critical part of the business, but it’s not without its hurdles, and when logistics professionals look at each stumbling block as an opportunity, it can only mean success for your company.