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A Global Supply Chain of Collaborative Knowledge

After only online collaborations, four MicroMasters students meet in person for the first time - and go on to win a worldwide supply chain competition.

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Learn how a true SaaS infrastructure can give users real-time benchmarking of transportation rates, and connect your company to a Global Trade Network. You can have aggregated data at your fingertips to determine if you are paying too much, too little, or just the right amount for the market – and that’s only one benefit of true SaaS technology.

After only online collaborations, four MicroMasters students meet in person for the first time - and go on to win a worldwide supply chain competition.

This white paper details the benefits of having true end-to-end visibility, connectivity, and control for your supply chain, and by linking visibility to business processes and using this connectivity for decision-making and execution can have a significant impact on effectiveness and efficiency.

This white paper details how logistics as a service (LaaS) providers can remove the budget burden with trained professionals dedicated to finding cost-savings on a daily basis, and how LaaS is designed to reduce transportation costs while also increasing customer service.

This paper describes the importance of choosing a suitable customs management suite, and why it is imperative to decide on an open, web-based solution that can be expanded, updated, and adjusted.

This white paper details a four-step process to continuous cost savings and explores how data saved in a Transportation Management System can be turned into information managers can act upon to improve supply chain performance.

In the traditional supply chain model, the supply chain is viewed as a cost center, but a global trade network model is viewed as a strategic, competitive asset.

In this white paper, we explore the value of building a transport management system on carrier connectivity, explain the difference between doing this yourself versus working with a vendor that has baked this connectivity into its solution and show the benefits that come from making this move early in the TMS selection and implementation process.

Survival isn’t about just responding to change, you must be willing to embrace a new supply chain model, one that relies on cooperation and collaboration versus siloed internal operations, you need to stop thinking micro and start thinking macro.

The technology to support a global trade network is available today, it’s just a matter of looking at supply chain design in a new way, implementing it, and moving global trade to the forefront where your supply chain becomes today’s battleground.

How a software as a service (SaaS), multi-tenant transportation management system puts power and efficiency into the hands of any company that wants to cut freight costs, improve visibility, and optimize activity in today’s competitive business environment.

This white paper looks closely at the value of using forward-looking assessments during parcel solution selection phase; explains how the right parcel system supports returns, supplier coordination, and order entry/e-commerce ratings and tracking.

The integration of Kewill and LeanLogistics into the new brand, BluJay Solutions, is designed to reflect the company’s ability to help shippers achieve greater velocity of global trade.

Samsung has created one of the biggest global recalls in the world with 35 cases of exploded phones or phones catching fire thus far.

Hanjin’s collapse could not have happened at a worse time, with cargo volume at near-peak levels ahead of the year-end holiday season.