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Amazon’s Delivery Challenge to UPS & FedEx Launching in LA

According to a new report, Amazon has plans to launch a new delivery service called Shipping with Amazon, or SWA, first with its third-party merchants, then expanding nationally.

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Balancing cost and service levels for optimal customer – and retailer – satisfaction.

This white paper shows why creating the best transport and logistics plan for your depot distribution is one challenge and being able to accomplish this quickly is another.

In this excerpt from their complete 2016 Vendor Assessment, Simon Ellis, Program Vice President for IDC Manufacturing Insights’ Global Digital Supply Chain Networks and Planning Strategies shares why Quintiq has the expertise and technologies to deliver higher optimality in any planning scenario.

In this solution paper, you will discover; the importance and possible impact of optimization, the hallmarks of a game-changing optimizer, and how you can harness optimization to transform your operations.

This paper details how some of the world's biggest names in food production take control of their supply chains - and transform their business.

The race to master complexity in the digital age demands a winning formula of visibility, data analytics and agility, download this eBook and find out how to avoid complexity getting in the way of success.

Have you achieved the cost efficiencies you were aiming for when you began growing your network?

Discover 3 proven tips for planning campaigns that improve throughput, work-in-progress and delivery performance.

In this e-book you will discover how supply chain experts harness data-driven tools and strategies to understand their customers in new ways, how they optimize their people and processes and ultimately, make profitable decisions for their business.

Discover how Quintiq's intelligent planning and optimization solutions reduce costs and maximize operational efficiency.