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Transportation Predictions That Will Shake-Up the Supply Chain Industry In 2018

Dan Clark, Founder and President of Kuebix, gives his annual vision of what he sees happening in the transportation and supply chain industry including; tax reforms, decreased capacity, higher rates, and digital transformation.

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In this eBook, we explain how companies that switch to the right Transportation Management System, experience a 10%-20% ROI on their freight spend in a matter of months, and how by taking back the management of their logistics operations in-house they make better shipping decisions every day.

There is almost no limit to how a Transportation Management System can benefit your unique supply chain, the key to success is finding the right TMS for your goals, so before selecting a TMS, use the 12 questions in this buyer’s guide to find the best solution for your company.

In this white paper, we’ll explain what the term “big data” means to the typical supply chain, introduce effective strategies for managing and leveraging that data, show how one grocer is using predictive analytics to harness its own big data, and explain the “first steps” that companies need to take down the path to effective management of their big data.

Everyone’s talking about analytics, but supply chain managers want to know if they can drive innovation in their operations, HP’s analytics team explains how.