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Infor Coleman AI Platform to ‘Rethink Supply Chain’ and Maximize Human Work Potential

Infor has announced Coleman, an enterprise-grade, industry-specific AI platform that takes mission-critical business data from Infor CloudSuite, coupled with the supplier, logistics, and finance data from the GT Nexus Commerce Network, and analyzes it with the computing power of a hyper scale public cloud.

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Executives see a large gap between the current state of digital transformation across their extended global value chains and what they expect to see in just five years from now.

Kurt Salmon and GT Nexus surveyed retail executives to assess their goals and confidence levels for supply chain visibility and fulfillment; our survey report identifies specific areas of improvement that can deliver significant ROI.

How to Lower Costs, Increase Reliability, and Strengthen Your Supply Chain.

The biggest obstacle to being ready for the IoT is mindset - businesses need to think beyond their traditional roles in order to thrive when the IoT arrives in full force.

Tariffs and protectionism, like Brexit and any other manmade or natural disruption, are just another form of supply chain risk that requires technology to connect partners and deliver complete supply chain visibility.

How Technology Delivered in the Cloud Will Separate the Winners and Losers in the Eyes of Consumers.

The State of the Global Supply Chain Report is an analysis of the top issues, challenges and opportunities faced by manufacturers and industry executives for 2016 and beyond.

Beyond smart trucks, the next evolution of IoT logistics will see the entire supply chain linked with connected things, the Internet of Everything, and with falling costs for smart tags, pallets will talk to trailers, containers will talk to trucks and fleets could talk to fleets.

RFID technology provides superior inventory tracking capabilities that can be used to improve process efficiencies and inventory visibility throughout the supply chain.

Understanding the Power of a Shared Online Network to Connect Global Partners and Achieve High Data Quality Levels: Companies need technology to efficiently manage their supply chains - particularly complex global supply chains.