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Evolution of the Digital Warehouse/DC

Belief in the benefit of digital supply chains may be widespread, but it’s less clear how to create one. Fortunately for those seeking a path forward, there are fundamental steps for assessing which digital capabilities hold the highest value potential.

Setting the tone for the 2018 Modern Virtual Summit, our keynote will offer a 30,000-foot view of the latest trends driving how we’ll operate our warehouse and distribution centers to keep pace with the pressing demands of the digital world.

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Session 1
Where is Warehouse/DC Automation Heading?

Conventional fulfillment equipment is rapidly giving way to an infusion of goods-to-person picking solutions, pouch sortation systems and new approaches to storage and retrieval—just to name few of the developments making their way into the modern-day warehouse. But just how far can these innovations take us? In this session, we’ll explore how automation solutions will need to evolve to help operations stay on track.

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Session 2
The Future of Supply Chain Execution Software

The pace of change, both in technology and customer expectations, has led the supply chain execution (SCE) software providers to adopt a mindset of continuous improvement. In this session, we’ll take a look at how far SCE providers have come in development—Cloud, open architecture and solutions to support end-to-end visibility—and better understand where this vital segment is headed in connecting facilities to the digital supply chain.

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Session 3
Robotics in Materials Handling

Talked about for years, mobile, unit handling and piece picking robotics may still be emerging technologies in logistics operations, but early adopters are finding that they’re reliable, productive and cost effective in the right application. In this session, we’ll take a snapshot of the materials handling and logistics robotics market and focus on the three elements driving market adoption: collaboration, mobility and dexterity.

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Session 4
Mobility: Evolving Role of Wearables/ADC

Today’s wearables are rugged mobile computers that can drive multiple modes of data collection and interaction. At the same time, new forms of wearables such as voice, ring scanners, smart glasses and smart watches are finding a role, especially in multi-modal applications. In this session, we’ll explore how wearables can help workers involved in tasks like picking, replenishment and packing be more productive.

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