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Special: Connectivity

A Roundup of all Supply Chain Connectivity Technologies

Comprehensive connectivity – from 802.11 wireless LAN technologies, cellular networks, Bluetooth. The various forms of wireless connectivity – Bluetooth for personal area networking, 802.11 wireless local area networking, and cellular wide area wireless networks for voice and data communication – are all highly visible and provide compelling business cases for many specific supply chain operations.

In this special we take a closer look at what wireless technology is being adopted, how it’s being used, and what benefits logistics professionals are deriving from their mobile investments either inside the four walls or on the road.

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Connectivity News

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Motorola Solutions (Booth 806) announced its first warehouse-ready tablet offering, the ET 1, which features a 7-inch multi-touchscreen, Android operating system, eight-megapixel camera and full-shift battery. (February 06, 2012)

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TECSYS (Booth 612) a provider of warehouse management systems (WMS) and other distribution management software, unveiled five new solutions at a press conference Monday. (February 06, 2012)

The now seemingly-ubiquitous QR Code was originally invented in 1994 by Modex exhibitor Denso ADC (Booth 313) to enhance tracking of discrete components in automotive manufacturing facilities and supply chains. (February 06, 2012)

Psion, a leading global provider of rugged mobile solutions, today announced it has joined Sprint’s Open Device Initiative to provide its customers with access to the strength of Sprint’s 3G network in the U.S. (February 01, 2012)

New division includes Matthews Marking, Holjeron, IPTI and Lightning Pick (January 30, 2012)

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Supply chain professionals are certainly moving toward mobile applications to improve overall operations, but just how fast is it happening? (December 01, 2011)

Camera-based imaging is one of the fastest-growing areas of data capture. (October 28, 2011)

TotalTrax is the new company formed from the merger of Rush Tracking Systems and Sky-Trax. (October 05, 2011)

Modern spends 60 seconds talking with David Krebs at VDC Research. (October 01, 2011)

Knapp uses a visual display and camera-based imaging to capture data in picking (September 30, 2011)

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