Warehouse Automation for Maximum Efficiency

Today's supply chain is moving faster than ever before; by implementing warehouse automation solutions, manufacturers can improve the efficiency of their warehouse operations—decreasing time to market and increasing profits. By Dan Labell, President, Westfalia Technologies, Inc.

December 4, 2017

Warehouse operations are as complex today as they have ever been. In today’s fast-paced business climate, customers increasingly demand and expect more from their warehouse and distribution centers.

Their orders are more frequent, contain a larger proliferation of SKUs and require more custom-tailored solutions. There is simply no tolerance for delivery of a less-than-perfect- quality product or order fulfillment errors— and that’s before considering the logistics of distribution and transportation.

By integrating a high-density automated storage and retrieval system (AS/RS) with a warehouse execution system (WES), manufacturers can better manage their inventory to obtain accurate, real-time information on products moving throughout the warehouse to increase efficiency and decrease the time to market for its brands.

The WES includes a tightly integrated warehouse management system (WMS) and warehouse control system (WCS) to help manufacturers and distributors direct, control and optimize material flow and order fulfillment.

This two-in-one solution performs the tasks of both systems through a single solution. Its modular design enables companies to use only the functions needed to handle their immediate warehousing needs—ranging from full traceability of inventory to fully automating the warehouse with an AS/RS.

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