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UPS 2017 Pulse of the Online Shopper™ Study

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The 2017 UPS Pulse of the Online Shopper™ study, conducted by comScore, provides insights into online shoppers’ behaviors and preferences, results are categorized into three areas; constants, emergers, and movers. By comScore for UPS

The retail industry is undergoing an evolution driven by rapidly changing consumer preferences and disruptive technologies.

As a result, consumers are seeing an unprecedented customization and personalization of the shopping experience.

The convergence of e-commerce and the brick-and-mortar world is causing a major shift in the way retailers market, sell and deliver products.

Both domestic and international retailers are competing for U.S. consumers who are more global, mobile and marketplace driven.

E-commerce growth, last year, continued at a double-digit rate. Digital channels are accelerating the pace of online research and purchasing, with mobile retail spending increasing at an impressive rate.

To succeed in this dynamic marketplace, retailers are compelled to understand consumer expectations, shopping behaviors and channel preferences better than ever before.

The sixth annual UPS Pulse of the Online Shopper™ study explores what motivates today’s shoppers and provides insights to help retailers meet escalating challenges and capitalize on unparalleled opportunities.

Findings from this year’s survey will be presented in a five-volume monthly series of white papers, with the first volume addressing the retail industry’s digital evolution.

Key Takeaways
The following insights will help retailers successfully address the dynamic online shopping experience and future shopper demands:

Understand Customer Preferences
Learn what motivates today’s tech-savvy consumers who are in more control of their online experience.

Know Shopping Patterns
Determine how and where your shoppers are researching so you can optimize their experience.

Make Strategic Investments
Explore and identify the channels where your visitors and shoppers choose to do business with you and invest accordingly.

Monitor Customer Satisfaction
Continually evaluate how well each channel is performing and make improvements to ensure you are meeting shopper expectations.

Deliver a Consistent Experience
Ensure parity across all retail channels to provide brand consistency and build customer satisfaction.

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