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UPS 2013 Pain in The (Supply) Chain Survey

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In this, the 6th annual UPS Pain in the (Supply) Chain survey, evidence emerges of a coming shift in the healthcare supply chain, as executives look to their supply chains to drive business change and meet business goals. By TNS for UPS

This year marks the 6th anniversary of the UPS Pain in the (Supply) Chain survey, which takes the pulse of healthcare executives across the world on their top business
and logistics concerns.

We have seen changes as well as constants when it comes to global supply chain challenges and have gained insights into the areas of focus that healthcare executives plan to leverage in the future to drive industry change.

In 2013, we see evidence of an approaching shift in the healthcare supply chain. Companies are focusing on transformative strategies and are looking to their supply chains to impact business change and meet high-level objectives.

Concerns around increasing regulations, cost management and product protection remain; however healthcare executives are seeing measured success from supply chain strategies they have put in place to address these areas. At the same time, they are preparing for further investments to build on effective strategies and for additional transformations to meet new industry demands.

As you review this report, you will note common themes of strategic partnerships, wide-scale technology investments and shifting distribution models around the world.
Innovative strategies will evolve in the healthcare supply chain—transforming global pains into global gains for the healthcare industry.

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