Transportation Management Systems & Intermodal Rail

An interactive, personalized guide to learn more about the combined benefits of a TMS and intermodal rail. By CSX

January 28, 2016

CSX Transportation (CSXT) Intermodal surveyed more than 175 transportation professionals and Transportation Management System (TMS) providers to gain insight as to how technology and intermodal rail are helping shippers meet the challenges of today’s transportation environment.

The survey sheds light on synergies between the two, while also identifying opportunities to yield greater benefi ts from each.

In today’s environment, with heavy focus on cost savings and capacity, adding a TMS, beginning an intermodal conversion journey or gaining best use of both will advance shipper objectives.

Throughout the following pages, several checkpoints will be presented, allowing readers to either read the full guide from start to finish, or personalize the experience according to knowledge level.

At each checkpoint, choose specific topics to reveal insights that cater to individualized learning.

Turn the page to get started learning how shippers can optimize their supply chain through the use of a TMS and intermodal rail.

Challenging Times Drive Innovative Solutions
Transportation and supply chain managers are facing a growing number of challenges as they strive to improve the performance of their supply chains and control costs.

Economic growth has resulted in increased pressure on transportation, challenging shippers to match growing demand to reliable sources of capacity while managing increases in costs, a growing number of regulations, driver shortages and tightening domestic capacity.

With freight tonnage forecasted to grow 23.5% by 2025,2 finding and managing sources of capacity, while controlling costs, will be a long-term requirement.

Shippers are turning towards technology and reviewing modal mix to help solve these challenges.

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