Transportation & Logistics 2030: Winning the Talent Race

Strategies to help transportation & logistics companies improve their talent management. By PwC

January 25, 2014

The race is on! Good employees aren’t just a commodity anymore; they’ve become a scarce resource.

A company’s workforce is more than a certain ‘head count’ or number of ‘full-time equivalents’. It’s made up of people with a wide range of technical and soft skills and unique perspectives on their work and their employer.

Diversity is increasing, with employees of different ages, genders and cultural backgrounds working together. That’s a welcome development, because mixed teams often perform better.

The starting position of transportation and logistics companies couldn’t be better.

They can offer their staff varied types of work, often in an international and cosmopolitan working environment. That should translate into popularity with job seekers. But the reality is somewhat different.

The transportation and logistics industry is confronted with an image that’s less than ideal. Work in warehouses, on ships or in trucks and trains tends to be associated with unpleasant working conditions and a less than attractive career path.

Will sector companies nonetheless succeed in capitalizing on their advantages and winning the best employees? Will they be able to build a strong employer brand? The next generation of talent isn’t just concerned with salary and career development, they want to work for a company with strong values too.

Will transportation and logistics companies be able to inspire them? How will they improve their recruiting, compensation and development strategies?

To get some answers, we’ve put together a global panel of experts and posed a series of questions using a RealTime Delphi methodology. Will transportation and logistics executives be standing in the winner’s circle in 2030?

You can read the experts’ views in this report. And we also present some suggestions on how transportation and logistics companies can position themselves. One thing is clear: the race is a
marathon, not a sprint. Talent management will need to be at the very top of the agenda for transportation and logistics leaders for decades to come.

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