The X’s and O’s of Intermodal Rail in Supply Chain Management

As the coach of your supply chain, you have the opportunity to turn to your playbook and choose from multiple transportation modes to maximize the efficiency of your freight network. By CSX

April 28, 2016

Just like with successful football game play, having a well-developed run and pass capabilities with a supply chain allow for maximum impact on the bottom line.

An effective supply chain carefully strategizes modal selection - often for particular loads within a chain - to achieve the most efficient freight flow possible.

When it comes to going the distance, intermodal rail is an ideal play for transportation managers to call.

By leveraging each mode within an intermodal operation, supply chain managers can:

  • reduce costs
  • drive efficiency and;
  • deliver savings to their bottom lines.

Download The X’s and O’s of Intermodal, your multi-modal playbook, and learn how to draft a team-player with both short-term payoff and long-term benefits.


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