The Viability of Modern Pick-to-Light Systems

How Advances in Hardware and Software Address the Challenges of Omnichannel Fulfillment. By Honeywell Intelligrated

January 9, 2018

The demands of omnichannel distribution center (DC) fulfillment are driving the adoption of more advanced pick-to-light hardware and software.

Retailers are tasked with meeting not only traditional in-store requirements associated with keeping product on the shelves, but also the challenges of e-commerce, including: high volume of individual SKUs, seasonal peaks and each picking scenarios.

Faced with these sometimes competing demands, DC managers seek order fulfillment systems and processes that maximize workforce productivity and minimize errors.

This white paper will discuss how Honeywell Intelligrated’s many pick-to-light hardware options and flexible warehouse execution system (WES) software can be deployed to address these specific challenges, as either a stand-alone system or an enabling technology integrated into a larger system.

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