The ROI of Voice Picking

A voice project comes alive when its financial business benefits can be clearly stated. By Intelligrated

May 9, 2016

To produce a solid business case - replete with ROI, internal rate of return (IRR), payback period, net present value (NPV) and similar metrics - one must first quantify the financial benefits that reduce existing hard-dollar costs in labor, operating expenses, materials, inventory and fixed assets.

At Intelligrated, we help clients build this well-substantiated financial picture by creating a concrete foundation based upon a number of primary and secondary cost savings:

Primary financial benefits
Accuracy - reduction in errors by providing a hands-free, eyes-up technology that keeps workers focus on the task at hand. There is no longer the distraction looking at a screen or a piece of paper to know where to go or what to pick next. The worker is directed via voice through the entire process, allowing them to be more alert and aware while performing any number of tasks.

Productivity - because workers are more focused on the task they’re performing and because they’re being directed by a voice and not having to stop or pause to look at a screen or a piece of paper, the worker is more fluid in his/her movements and able to move more efficiently throughout their day. Fewer steps to complete tasks throughout the day – less fumbling or struggling with other forms of information – reduces lost time leading to faster warehouse throughput.

Secondary financial benefits
Labor efficiency - the use of voice and the subsequent increase in overall worker productivity leads to additional savings including, reduction in overtime, the need for fewer inspectors to check order accuracy, less reliance on temporary or seasonal staff, and the ability to cross-train employees to perform more voice-directed tasks.

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