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The Internet of Things Supply Chain

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GT Nexus

The biggest obstacle to being ready for the IoT is mindset - businesses need to think beyond their traditional roles in order to thrive when the IoT arrives in full force. By GT Nexus

Imagine a world where physical objects exchange knowledge and cooperate together like teammates to achieve unparalleled business efficiency.

From textile looms to shipping pallets to store shelves, everything in the supply chain would sync, automatically, to optimize operations.

The Internet of Things is bringing about that world at a furious pace - very soon over 26 billion devices of all shapes and sizes will be connected to the Internet.

If you’re a retailer or a manufacturer, you will face greater complexity than ever before, but there are tangible steps you can take to prepare yourself to thrive in the upcoming whirlwind of the Internet of Things Supply Chain.

New Technology Also Means Greater End-to-End Visibility and Predictive Power
By being agile, supply chains can respond to volatile conditions and do things like:

  • Reroute inventory at will
  • Consolidate and create efficient shipments
  • Accommodate painless and profitable returns
  • Support servicing parts on-demand
  • Manufacture quick runs of short-lifecycle products
  • Confi gure and change orders even in the middle of production
  • Aggregate data across regions to predict future demand accurately

AI and Other Technology in Relation to Supply Chain Control Towers Webcast


Inside Control Tower 4.0
Achieving Disruptive Results from Autonomous Control Towers

Join Our Live Webcast
April 6, 2017 | 10:00AM CDT

What You Will Learn About:

Rapid Change
The rapid change in control tower technology, and the four stages of evolution to Control Tower 4.0.

Industry 4.0
How Industry 4.0 technologies such as Internet of Things (IoT), machine learning, and autonomous systems are being incorporated into the new Control Tower, and the dramatic results they make possible.

Control Tower 4.0
How your company needs to re-align in order to thrive in this new era, and how Control Tower 4.0 can help.

Featured Guests
Seth Lippincott, Nucleus Research, Analyst and Adeel Najmi, One Network, SVP Products

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