The Global Logistics Gateway

This solution paper describes how the Global Logistics Gateway enables a digital network of networks for a trading partner ecosystem, and increases service levels, improves asset utilization, and reduces costs. By One Network Enterprises

September 6, 2017

Go digital and discover the rich opportunities on the "network of networks"

What Is The Global Logistics Gateway?
The Global Logistics Gateway enables interoperability between supply chain operating networks through open standards based authentication and public API based process orchestration to any buy/sell system or any transport management system (TMS).

The solution creates a ubiquitous network of networks that spans procurement, freight, and logistics services at global scale.

Connecting through the Global Logistics Gateway, any company on any network can do business with any other company on any other network.

One Network's Global Logistics Gateway solution is a global "network of networks".

It accelerates companies transition to digital by connecting them to a vast digital network that embraces other buy/sell and logistics networks.

Learn how:

  • How companies can profit from their excess supply and capacity by making it available on the network
  • How buyers can post demand and have the network manage fulfillment and delivery
  • How shippers can post transport orders and the network will manage delivery across multiple modes
  • Quick and easy to join, connect to the Global Logistics Gateway with common formats
  • Exchange data with other parties on Gateway through many supported formats

“True value is created when businesses work together to do multi-party optimization across multiple enterprises and multiple functions, from demand to logistics and fulfillment. The Global Logistics Gateway from One Network solves those issues by automating optimized execution across the value network.” Ann Grackin, CEO, Chainlink Research

The Global Logistics Gateway provides rich opportunities for both large and small companies, by enabling them to source and sell both freight and supplies on a global digital network of trading partners.

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