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The Complete Buyer’s Guide to Transportation Management Systems

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There is almost no limit to how a Transportation Management System can benefit your unique supply chain, the key to success is finding the right TMS for your goals, so before selecting a TMS, use the 12 questions in this buyer’s guide to find the best solution for your company. By Kuebix

What if you could have full control and visibility into all the logistics-related data of your supply chain?

Together, control and visibility can give users the power to define, manage and evolve their supply chains, allowing them to cash in on revenue opportunities and be flexible enough to meet ever-changing business and economic needs.

With the right transportation management system (TMS), you can get that level of power along with the ability to automate and streamline manpower, time- and resource-consuming tasks such as finding the best rates, monitoring shipping statuses and managing inbound and outbound shipping schedules.

And with the power of predictive analytics at your fingertips, you could take action to dramatically reduce your freight costs and make better decisions faster.

A TMS can be the solution for all supply chains from the simple to the complex.

It has become an essential tool for managing the many challenges that come with shipping freight.

The right TMS must integrate with your existing ERP system and offer valuable insights into tangible ways to reduce your freight spend, improve your customer service and reduce your cost of goods.

Before selecting a TMS, use these 12 questions (and answers) in this buyer’s guide to find the best solution for your company:

  1. Why Do You Need a TMS?
  2. What Are the Critical Functions and Benefits of Using a TMS?
  3. Are There Demos or Free Versions Available?
  4. Does the TMS Offer a Full Carrier Network?
  5. Does the TMS Vendor Understand Your Industry?
  6. How Long Does it Take to Get the TMS Up and Running?
  7. How Much Will a TMS Cost You?
  8. How Well Does the TMS Integrate with Your Other Systems?
  9. What is the Support System Like?
  10. What is the TMS’ Backup/Recovery Plan?
  11. Can the TMS Scale with Your Business?
  12. Does the TMS Support All Modes of Transport?

Download this Complete Buyer's Guide to Transportation Management Systems

THERE IS ALMOST NO LIMIT TO HOW A TMS CAN BENEFIT YOUR UNIQUE SUPPLY CHAIN but the key to success is finding the right one for your goals.

Download this Complete Buyer's Guide to Transportation Management Systems to find out how a TMS can benefit your supply chain.

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