Supporting Growth for Beverage Manufacturers and Distributors with AS/RS

With the recession in the past, many beverage companies are now in growth mode. Although this is a positive shift, it has created new challenges. By Aaron Corcoran

January 26, 2017

As the economy has improved over the last five years, consumers have enjoyed a considerable rise in disposable income, allowing them to change their beverage preferences

This means that more people are opting for more expensive or premium beverages. At the same time, consumers have become more knowledgeable (and often, more healthconscious) when it comes to their drink choices.

As a result of these trends in consumer behavior, beverage companies are continuously introducing new brands and flavors to satisfy consumer demand. Although the emergence of new categories can lead to increased sales, it also creates a tremendous challenge for manufacturers and distributors – managing a greater number of SKUs in their warehouse.

For most, this means doing things a little bit differently in order to operate more efficiently, improve customer satisfaction and cut costs.

Today, one of the most promising solutions for achieving a competitive advantage is warehouse automation technology.

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