Superior Customer Service Through Automation

PITT OHIO depends on Kapow Katalyst™ to support its high-value customers by automating 100% of routine Customer Service activities. By Kapow Software

June 3, 2014

PITT OHIO, a premier transportation provider, is committed to providing incomparable service to its customers.

With a dual emphasis on continuous improvement and technological innovation, they have established a long-term strategy to reduce manual effort while enhancing customer service, and have won several industry awards in the process.

The Challenge
Many organizations have turned to B2B portals—websites that partners and suppliers must use to submit and track business transactions—as a way to lower their costs. But like other organizations, PITT OHIO found that manually accessing the B2B portals of their trading partners—over 70 in all, each with different logins, navigation, transactions, and reports—had become prohibitively expensive. Even more costly was the need to carry out repetitive business processes that involved their partners—processes that required PITT OHIO to enter duplicate transactions on multiple systems merely to keep them synchronized.

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