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SMC3 Platform: The Single Source for LTL Pricing & Transit Information

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The SMC³ Platform empowers 3PLs and Shippers of any size to successfully navigate and optimize the LTL shipment arena, choose the level of computing power based on your specific needs and operating environment with a technology platform offering the best of all worlds. By SMC3

The Complete LTL Package
The SMC³ Platform combines the blazing speed and dependability of complex, Analytical APIs like RateWare®XL and CarrierConnect®XL with new Execution and Visibility APIs that provide real-time transactional shipment communications.

Delivered through the proven SMC³ cloud – which handles millions of transactions every day – this complete solution allows customers to choose the level of computing power to match their business needs.

Analytical APIs
With SMC³’s Analytical APIs, customers can effortlessly audit thousands of rates and manage multiple carrier contracts.

These solutions help shippers and 3PLs optimize their LTL spend. RateWare XL and CarrierConnect XL transform LTL complexity into a holistic view of LTL pricing, transit times and carrier services. With industry leading speed, reliability, and security, these industrial-strength LTL analytical engines deliver:

  • Accurate pricing and transit data from multiple carriers simultaneously
  • Freight bill audit capability • The ability to manage contracts
  • High-speed optimization for thousands of transactions
  • Density and class rating information

Execution and Visibility APIs
SMC³ Execution and Visibility APIs provide real-time shipment dispatch, status and imaging communications via connectivity direct to carriers.

By offering the best of both worlds – the industrial-strength, analytical tools RateWare XL and CarrierConnect XL and lighter-weight Execution and Visibility API communications – the SMC³ Platform is the only solution shippers and 3PLs of any size need to successfully navigate the LTL shipment arena.

Making an Informed Decision Requires Understanding API Benefits and Limitations

  • SMC³ Execution and Visibility APIs deliver shipment transaction messages and updates for specific needs.
  • SMC³ Analytical APIs solve more complex needs such as the ability to provide freight bill audit and contract management, and high-speed optimization for multiple transactions.
  • The SMC³ Platform will support both EDI and API communications.
  • Some transactional API providers inaccurately claim they offer dynamic or spot pricing that changes as a carriers’ business fluctuates. Carrier APIs do not have this capability. Users receive individually packaged contract rates, not spot pricing.

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