Shift into Digital - A Blueprint for Breakthrough Performance through Digital Transformation

This white paper details how leaders are leveraging digital cloud network platforms to collaborate with their partners in real-time to drive real digital transformation breakthrough results. By One Network Enterprises

April 2, 2018

It is time to develop a blueprint and roadmap for a shift to a digital future.

The automotive industry is in the midst of massive shifts from producing and selling vehicles to providing ride-sharing transportation services, from mechanical innovation to software-driven autonomous vehicles, and from fossil fuels to alternative power sources.

These new paradigms require business agility not afforded by current business processes and enterprise systems.

Companies across the automotive value chain are looking at the impact of these dramatic changes and trying to figure out how to not be left behind.

What they’re finding is current ERP systems are huge constraints when operating in an environment that requires business agility and real-time connectivity with partners, consumers, and vehicles.

ERP systems were designed to be systems of record inside the four walls of an organization, not across enterprises.

They were also designed around fixed predefined processes and are incapable of adapting to new processes.

Leading companies are driving disruptive innovation via digital cloud networks.

Using a technology approach similar to Uber, Facebook, and LinkedIn, they are connecting with their partners in real-time and building more collaborative and agile ways of managing their value chain.

The results speak for themselves.

Download this paper and learn:

  • The difference between a traditional ERP approach and the new network paradigm
  • How to overcome silos 
  • New ways to collaboratively plan with dealers and OEMs to tiered suppliers and carriers
  • How to start proactively anticipating and detecting disruptions
  • How agility creates a new business model
  • Why the Best-in-Class organizations are shifting to Digital Networks to stay ahead

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