Seven Steps to Export Success: Top Considerations before reaching out to International Markets

This new white paper from Purolator International, “Seven Steps to Export Success: Top Considerations before reaching out to International Markets,” provides an overview of these and other critical export issues. By Purolator

June 1, 2018

Did you know that the biggest reason U.S. businesses fail in international markets is because they don’t do the required market research, or put together a comprehensive export strategy? 

Or that the top reason shipments are delayed at the border is because of missing or incomplete documentation?

These might seem like easily avoidable scenarios, but they have proven problematic for too many U.S. businesses.

Knowing about potential problems associated with exporting ahead of time and proactive planning are integral to any business’s export success.

Exporting Resources

The good news? Potential exporters will find an abundance of resources to help understand and navigate the process, and even help lockin funding. This includes services available through the federal government, including the U.S. Commercial Service, the Small Business Administration, and trade offices maintained by each state.

As a starting point though, it’s important to understand the “top issues” every exporter must address, regardless of size or industry. All exporters, for example, must contend with the customs process and must have a logistics strategy in place to ensure that products will arrive at their international destination on time, as promised to their customers.

This white paper will highlight seven core issues a business must be prepared to address. Successful exporting is a difficult process, but a business can help itself by understanding the key challenges and having the proper resources in place to build positive and lasting international relationships.

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