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Optimizing Your Supply Chain with Air Cargo

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C.H. Robinson

When evaluating how air cargo can help optimize supply chains, it is important to recognize the different variations within this transportation service. By C.H. Robinson

Air cargo can be an important and highly efficient component of today’s optimized supply chain.

For many products, markets, and industries, air cargo is the critical link that allows organizations to respond to customer demands in a timely manner.

Multiple air shipment options, as well as advancements in reporting and aircraft efficiency, make air cargo essential for many supply chains.

Air cargo can help organizations optimize their supply chain in three important ways.

It allows the speed needed to deliver time and temperature sensitive products, provides reliable access to remote and developing locations, and can offer the best combination of service and price.

4 Reasons to Re-Think Air Cargo in a Supply Chain

  1. Quick response to market demands
  2. Global visibility on a single platform
  3. Better access to emerging markets
  4. Increased value from a supply chain optimized with the right air service for any specific business needs

When evaluating the costs of air cargo, the freight cost is only one component of the equation. Inventory carrying costs and the opportunity to capture market share can offset freight costs.

For many industries, like automotive, aerospace, electronics, and medical devices, air cargo is an essential component of an optimized supply chain.

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