Omni-Channel Logistics

Omni-Channel Logistics is all about enabling consumers to experience your brand in exactly the same way from a marketing perspective, regardless of the sales channel - so whether mobile, web, retail or catalog. By SEKO Logistics

January 2, 2016

eCommerce has entered the mainstream in force, with the Global eCommerce market now standing at over $1 trillion - so retailers who ignore this growing market segment do so at their own risk. But how does a traditional ‘bricks and mortar’ business move into the internet space?

Setting up a slick eCommerce website with sophisticated online ordering and payment processing is only the tip of the iceberg. If you don’t deliver the goods according to a customer’s expectations, they may never return.

To meet this challenge, SEKO Logistics has created a new Omni-Channel Logistics division which provides a Global eCommerce solution for brand owners, retailers and e-tailers. SEKO Omni-Channel Logistics gives you access to the resources and expertise of a single logistics company worldwide, to manage your total eCommerce supply chain - taking product from ex-factory production through warehouse and fulfillment to your end consumer, and back again if required.

The four key elements of the SEKO Omni-Channel Logistics offer are:
1. Global fulfillment
2. Global delivery management
3. Global returns solutions
4. eCommerce development

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