Moving From a Manual to an eKanban System

eKanban is a relatively easy way to get started on a Lean transformation – and provides dramatic returns. By Synchrono

September 12, 2017

Adopting a Lean, pull-based method of replenishment is the first step

Electronic Kanban (eKanban) systems can yield unparalleled inventory efficiencies without the costly consequences of lost, misplaced or damaged manual Kanban cards.

Manufacturers using eKanban systems have seen inventory turns increase as much as 91 percent; lead-times decrease by a factor of six; inventory costs cut by over half; and have eliminated up to 90 percent of their former replenishment process steps.

Organizations aiming for such improvements must first generate a Lean material flow. If the enterprise operates with a push system based on prediction instead of a pull system based on actual demand (consumption), they will still struggle with excess inventory, expired materials and problematic supplier performance.

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