Meet Neo the Intelligent Agent

Neo is not just an algorithm, he’s your tireless virtual supply chain assistant that senses, analyzes, and fixes tricky business problems quickly and automatically so you can do the important work. By One Network Enterprises

November 8, 2018

Neo is the digital brains embedded everywhere and at all levels of One Network’s cloud platform, the Real Time Value Network.

He is data-hungry and insight-rich. He represents an army of algorithms running in the background, scanning and analyzing real-time data from across the network.

He harvests and analyzes data from all sources, including enterprise systems, facilities, vehicles, and handheld devices.

Neo continuously looks for potential issues and resolves them before they erupt into major crises.

  • Neo finds and fixes
  • Neo optimizes
  • Neo unifies planning and execution
  • Neo remembers and learns
  • Neo is non-invasive
  • Neo is consumer-driven
  • Neo is programmable
  • Neo is scalable

How Neo Delivers Value

Neo greatly reduces the manual tasks that tie up users. He also helps them do their jobs faster and better.

At the corporate level, he’s a trusted advisor. He identifies which decisions and actions were taken that violated policies, or were a mistake and led to losses. This enables policies and procedures to be continuously improved and expanded.

This is how Neo is able to impact your business from top to bottom. He reduces inventory throughout the network, improves service levels, revenue and market share.

Download this paper and find out what Neo can do for your business

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