Logistics Management’s 30th Annual Salary Survey Results

In January, 2014, an invitation was sent to subscribers of Logistics Management asking for their participation in this study, results of this study are included in this presentation. By PRG Research Group

March 4, 2014

Introduction & Methodology
1. To determine the current salaries and overall compensation for materials handling professionals
2. To examine materials handling pros’ current job and overall career satisfaction

Specifically, the research examines:
- Salary level
Job and career history
- # of years with current employer
- Job responsibilities
- # of years work in field

Satisfaction with career as a materials handling professional
- Job stability & Job-related pressures/stress

In January, 2014, an email invitation was sent to subscribers of Logistics Management asking for their participation in this study. The email included a dedicated URL linked to a website which hosted the questionnaire.

2014 results are based on 929 qualified respondents (1,262 in 2013).

The margin of error for this study is +/- 3.3%, meaning if the entire population responded, results may vary by +/- 3.3%.

Definitions: The mean is the average of a given set of values.  The median is the mid-point in a set of values where one-half of the values are more than the mid-point, the other half are lower.

Study includes all results (in slide form) and appendix.

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