Leading the Way to Mid-Market Supply Chain Efficiency

The strategic advantage of a well managed and integrated supply chain continues to grow in influence as mid-market organizations become increasingly globally competitive. By TAKE Supply Chain

August 14, 2017

For today’s mid-market enterprises, an efficient and integrated supply chain provides a key strategic advantage over competitors.

That advantage, however, is contingent upon the smooth interaction between functional departments within the organization - from accounting to sales to production.

Challenged with limited personnel, most mid-market companies are primarily focused on day-to-day operations, so it’s easy for leadership to overlook the need to step back and determine how parts of the business can collaborate more productively.

This trend, though, means that those mid-market companies that do focus on supply chain alignment will enjoy a distinct competitive advantage. And to have the best shot at achieving that alignment, organizations must consider creating a Supply Chain Evangelist.

Supply Chain Evangelists - individuals responsible for coaching employees and helping departments across the organization prioritize and streamline the supply chain - can provide immense added value to a mid-market enterprise.

In addition to maintaining supply chain best practices, an effective Supply Chain Evangelist articulates a clear and compelling vision for the overall supply chain strategy and explains why change is important for the company and impacted staff.

In fact, all stakeholders throughout the supply chain can benefit from a trusted leader who can orchestrate interactions, implement strategic alignment, and ultimately, deliver results.

This eBook will explore why this new Supply Chain Evangelist role is crucial for high-performing companies and provide a roadmap for creating and empowering that position within virtually any mid-market organization.

  • The Passionate Champion
  • A Comprehensive Perspective
  • Calculated Collaboration
  • Change Agent
  • Technology Catalyst
  • Collaboration Coach
  • Conclusion

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