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Introducing Autonomous First Mile Delivery

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OTTO Motors

This ebook describes in detail why material entry into the manufacturing supply chain is as critical as its departure, it explains how the material transport of goods becomes precise and predictable, enabling an optimized and efficient First Mile, from raw materials entry into the network, to their exit onto a delivery truck. By OTTO Motors

As the final step in the supply chain, the Last Mile has always been a focus of improvement:

“How do we cut costs?"

"How do we get goods to the customer faster than on-time?”

New processes and modern technologies have been integrated into the Last Mile to account for changing customer demands - it’s predicted that selfdriving vehicles will make long-haul transportation fully autonomous and generate savings of 40% per km in the near future.

But what if these methodologies were applied to indoor logistics?

The last mile, although paramount to the customer, is only half of the equation.

Lessons learned can be identified and applied to transportation that occurs inside a facility, otherwise known as the First Mile, to improve overall productivity in the supply chain.

What You'll Learn:

An overview of the last mile

  1. An introduction to the first mile and how improving processes within intralogistics will improve productivity for the overall operation
  2. Identify lessons learned from last mile logistics that can be applied to the supply chain inside a facility
  3. Understand how changes can be made to improve first mile processes today
  4. Recognize emerging technologies that can be used to automate the first mile

By exploring and applying lessons learned in the Last Mile to the First Mile, manufacturers can be poised to drastically improve their operation.

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