Holistic Planning with Intelligent Design Solutions

The world of metals and metal products has radically changed in the past few years as competition between metals conglomerates and niche manufacturers heats up. By Quintiq

April 3, 2017

An intelligent planning system can quickly respond to changing market conditions and customer orders. On top of company KPIs, it also takes various parameters into account. These range from current delivery times and complex production sequences along with campaigns and stock levels through rush orders and unplanned events, such as the failure of a mill stand or the delayed delivery of raw materials. Above all, it keeps company profitability in mind.

In the increasingly digitized world, it is necessary to be able to see and evaluate all processes at one glance at all times. Even a small malfunction in production can endanger adherence to delivery dates.

An intelligent planning system does not just inform you about the steps of the process chain the orders are running through, it also links multiple locations and capacities. For instance, peak loads can be managed, bottlenecks can be prevented, necessary maintenance can be planned and new orders fixed in the short term.

Such a system can show you the direct impact of planning decisions on the production process. You can see exactly how a decision affects your KPIs. It allows you to balance between delivery reliability and production flexibility.

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