Highway to Intermodal Rail (H2R) Conversions Deliver Bottom Line Results

CSX Transportation has found that 96% of shippers have sub-optimized freight in their network. Does your organization? Find out and learn how to address sub-optimized freight in your supply chain. By CSX

January 28, 2016

Is your supply chain missing a vital link?
If your supply chain underutilizes intermodal rail - a transportation solution that offers cost savings and diversifies your access to capacity solutions - then your company could be paying the costs of a sub-optimized freight network.

This occurs when truck transportation is used where an intermodal solution would be more ef cient and sustainable.

The truckload market has become capacity constrained, driven by an improving economy and a growing driver shortage, leaving shippers paying higher rates for the movement of their goods.

Enhancing your modal mix with the incorporation, or expansion, of intermodal rail can help reduce your supply chain’s exposure to risk factors.

Optimize your modal mix with Highway to Intermodal Rail (H2R) conversion

With CSXT Intermodal, your supply chain will be…


  • CSXT-served locations are strategically situated to provide you access to capacity in key production and consumption markets.
  • Meet growth and uctuation in demand with scalable capacity via an extensive supply of 53’ containers.


  • Realize cost savings of 10-40% when converting freight from the highway to intermodal rail.
  • Experience sustainable savings with lower fuel consumption and carbon footprint reduction.


  • Intermodal rail affords a predictable supply chain, resulting from signi cant investments into infrastructure and technology advancements.
  • By integrating intermodal rail, mitigate current truckload challenges including constrained driver pools, lower acceptance rates and reliance upon the spot market.

CSXT Intermodal has the network and relationships with top industry channel partners to provide the service and capacity required to meet your changing freight needs.

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