Exploring the Future of LTL Pricing

SMC³ commissioned an in-depth study by Auburn University called “Synergic Pricing in the LTL Industry” to explore how post-deregulation changes are affecting the U.S. transportation industry, less-than-truckload (LTL) pricing and the LTL industry’s future. By Auburn University

July 24, 2017

Led by Joe Hanna, department chair, supply chain management, an Auburn research team explored the dynamics around carrier and shipper consolidation; the emergence of third-party logistics providers (3PLs) as major business players; and the effects of reduced carrier margins, intense competition, and dramatically different supply chains.

The “Synergic Pricing in the LTL Industry” study incorporates 3PLs data and opinions, for the first time in an LTL pricing study.

Learn what Auburn’s extensive online surveys revealed and what almost three dozen industry leaders from carrier, shipper, and 3PL companies had to say about:

  • the coming use of density- or cube-based pricing;
  • the extensive use of benchmark pricing tools in the LTL transportation pricing process;
  • the confusion and complexity in the current, mostly classification-based marketplace;
  • the “mostly meaningless,” deeply discounted LTL pricing structures; and
  • the hurdles that face any systemic changes to LTL pricing practices - including finding an industry “change leader” up to the task.

About SMC³ 
SMC³ is a leading provider of data, technology, and education as an integrated solution to the freight transportation community. SMC³'s core competency is its pricing expertise, which it delivers through data services and technology tools that simplify processes and promote collaboration between buyers and sellers of transportation services. The company also partners with leading transportation software developers for complete interoperability.

Throughout the year SMC³ offers educational programs that focus on key industry issues and advanced learning. These well-attended events are noted for their content, speakers and networking opportunities. The company currently serves more than 5,000 customers operating throughout the contiguous United States, Canada, and Mexico. SMC³'s customer base covers all aspects of freight movement and includes shippers, carriers, logistics service providers and freight-payment companies.

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