End-to-End Supply Chain Connectivity and Integration

Large, high-profile organizations are leveraging E2open’s unified, end-to-end platform to bring together planning and execution, supported by the application breadth to meet functional requirements and the depth to solve new challenges. By E2open

June 18, 2018

Organizations today are forced to address a new business reality. Struggling with high volatility, fast-changing markets and unpredictable consumer preferences, many still lack the power to tightly connect planning to execution.

Meanwhile, agile upstarts and seasoned competitors with strategic online storefronts compound the Amazon effect and lead companies to take drastic measures to compete. These are just some of the issues.

Yet for many companies, one of the biggest roadblocks to unlocking the value in their supply chain is the rigidity of the very software they rely on to manage it: enterprise resource planning (ERP) and legacy enterprise systems designed for a different time under an outdated paradigm.

To move beyond those limitations, companies must evaluate ways to achieve an integrated, agile and intelligent system that can solve enormously complex problems and deliver a competitive advantage.

Since planning decisions should be based on what is happening now, not last week or last year — and execution needs current signals to be smart — only a connected, intelligent supply chain can meet the need. The right technology senses real-time consumer demand, sees into supply constraints to determine what is possible and enables outside-in planning for a feasible and profitable strategy.

To achieve this, E2open has created one place in the cloud to run the supply chain that provides intelligent applications, a unified user experience, decision-grade data and an end-to-end platform for all direct and indirect channels.

This solution brings together data from customers, channels, suppliers, contract manufacturers and underlying systems and sources to create a virtual representation of processes, status and stock — all of which is visible by internal and external stakeholders according to their role.

E2open adds advanced supply chain management (SCM) applications powered by cognitive artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and automation so companies can use real-time data to deliver new insight and drive smarter decisions.

By orchestrating every link so the supply chain functions in harmony, E2open’s end-to-end, modular platform delivers efficiency, agility and visibility while lowering costs and increasing productivity. E2open inspires enterprises to unchain their full potential for growth, value, and competitive advantage in ways that are transformative for the business.

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