E2E Supply Chain Visibility Technology is Here

This whitepaper details the link between end-to-end supply chain visibility and modern Demand-Driven Manufacturing enterprises, and how manufacturers are gaining real power through liberating their data and transforming it into performance improving information. By Synchrono

September 12, 2017

The Liberation of Data
The convergence of manufacturing digitization and Cloud-enabled technologies makes for a powerful combination for driving end-to-end supply chain visibility.

As a platform for real-time visibility and communication, the Cloud enables the good kind of disruptive change - offering greater flexibility, scalability and often, more affordability.

For manufacturers, the key disrupter is the liberation of data - the ability to quickly access and assemble data from multiple sources and transform it into decision-driving information.

These technologies not only liberate data - freeing it for easy access and use - but liberate individuals, empowering them with the tools to perform their own analysis and create their own visual displays.

In that sense, the IT group is liberated too. They no longer need to carry the weight of all the reporting and visualization requirements of the enterprise.

Technology driving end-to-end supply chain visibility is here.

It is transforming how manufacturers communicate and collaborate; how they act and react.

The applications for the technologies discussed in this paper are endless, and will be supported through a variety of use cases that demonstrate considerable value throughout the supply chain.

Investments Modern Demand-Driven Manufacturers are Making Today


  1. Introduction: The Liberation of Data
  2. The Changing Dynamics of Visibility
  3. The Link Between DDM and E2E SCV
  4. Digitization, IIOT and Visibility Enablers
  5. Evolution of Visibility Technology
  6. The Path Toward E2ESCV
  7. Summary

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