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Don’t Let Data Silos Disrupt Your Digital Transformation

This playbook details how to eliminate choke points in your supply chain once and for all and how to keep your supply chain in sync. By TAKE Supply Chain

It’s impossible to move forward if your data is stuck in the past

The world around you does not stop growing and evolving, even if you do.

  • Product lifecycles are short and lead times even shorter thanks to the rapid rate of innovation.
  • The rise in mergers and acquisitions means there are more disparate processes, systems, and tools encumbering the efficiency of your previously refined supply chain structure.
  • Limited visibility into a single supply chain function due to data latency issues – or really any reason at all – can lead to laggard communications, inventory level inconsistencies, and increased discrepancies with customers and supply chain partners.
  • The globalization of your business and your suppliers’ businesses translates into greater language and lead time considerations. This makes it harder to coordinate everything from purchasing to payments.

The truth is, you need to find a single source of data “truth”.

  • The quality of your workflow system data will dictate the quality of your operational responsiveness.
  • Data is the key to unlocking the benefits of a digital supply chain, regardless of how aggressively you choose to automate your factories or embrace predictive analytics for your sales and operational planning.
  • Automated workflows will ease your manual data management requirements and empower you to manage-by-exception. By speeding up end-to-end data flow, you’ll improve the efficiency of your entire supply chain.
  • Around-the-clock access to accurate, up-to-the-minute data is the only way to protect your competitive stance amidst constant fluctuations in customer demands and, therefore, supply chain demands. (In other words, spreadsheets are not collaborative. Nor are they efficient. Then again, neither is an ERP-only supply chain management system that’s not fast to deploy or user-friendly once online.)

The good news is that, regardless of the cause for delays or disruptions in your supply chain today, there’s a way to regain your edge. Multiple ways, really. They all start with the same basic foundation.

How connected are you (really) to your data, your workers, and your trading partners?

If your answer is anything less than 100 percent, then you are at a total disadvantage in today’s digital supply chain environment. At least for right now. Download this playbook and find out why…

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