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Creating Superior Customer Experiences through an Optimized Supply Chain

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Jagged Peak

This paper describes in detail the Jagged Peak ACES model and how it can be used as a methodology for measuring each element of the order lifecycle and its impact on customer experience. By Jagged Peak

The ACES Methodology

At the heart of an effective ecommerce strategy is the ability to deliver superior customer service that drives repeat business while maximizing profitability through reduced operating costs.

From top line results to bottom line efficiency, every order counts when it comes to growing your business and building your brand.

For a successful eCommerce business, that means delivering every order, every time, to every customer exactly when promised and to do it as efficiently as possible to improve transactional profitability.

Jagged Peak developed the ACES model to help eCommerce companies achieve that goal.

What is ACES?

The ACES model is a methodology for measuring each element of the order life cycle and its impact on customer experience.

Specifically, it measures the customer experience you deliver by quantifying the performance of your order taking and fulfillment processes and the enterprise applications that support these processes.

It provides a framework for rigorous examination of ongoing operations and identifies where to drill down to find the root causes of performance strengths and shortfalls.

It allows organizations to review performance the way customers experience it so they can accelerate improvements that earn customer loyalty.

ACES is based on the premise that every action, or lack of action, has a cost and can be linked to financial performance.

Each element of the ACES model connects to a real and tangible return and shows organizations how specific aspects of the business contribute to improving customer experience and in turn, company growth and profitability.

Overarching Goals and the Cumulative Effect of ACES

  • Zero information latency
  • Higher visitor conversions, lower cart abandonments
  • On time delivery and minimal customer wait time (CWT)
  • Reduce order handling staff
  • Optimize inventory positioning, minimize backorders
  • Reduce supply chain costs
  • Improve cash flow and revenue growth
  • Higher customer satisfaction
  • Increase customer loyalty

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