Change Your Logistics Game with Optimization

In this solution paper, you will discover; the importance and possible impact of optimization, the hallmarks of a game-changing optimizer, and how you can harness optimization to transform your operations. By Quintiq

September 29, 2017

The world of logistics is more volatile, precarious and competitive than ever before.

And all signs indicate that this will only intensify.

Trucking companies in the United States are fraught with tepid demand, falling volumes and plunging prices.

The intermodal market is sluggish as international shipping volumes are wildly fluctuating.

The industry as a whole is also experiencing rapid swings in customer demand and input factors such as fuel.

Leading logistics players are struggling to keep up - to satisfy an increasingly insatiable market while remaining profitable.

Despite their best efforts and best planning methods, however, research shows that money is still being left on the table.

In a landscape characterized by such volatility, complexity and speed, the impact of sub-optimal decisions made every day is great. Their resulting impact on the bottom line is significant and if left unaddressed, irreparable.

Experts say that the best defense in the face of sudden change is agility, but agility takes on different meanings at different levels. When it comes to day of operations, the decisions you make must be fast, accurate, satisfy all business KPIs and take rules and constraints into account - all at the same time.

In other words, decisions made on the day of operations must be optimal.

Optimization technology that can balance these variables simultaneously - and deliver the highest quality solution right at the moment it is needed - is the key to a lasting competitive advantage. The competitive advantage that puts you miles ahead of the competition.

Download this paper to discover:

  • The importance and impact of optimization
  • The capabilities of a game-changing optimizer
  • The power of optimization to transform your operations

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