Case, Tote & Polybag Conveyor Solution Systems

Conveyor solutions from Intelligrated® help retailers, manufacturers and logistics providers build efficient, high performance automated distribution and fulfillment operations. By Intelligrated

January 10, 2017

Flexible conveyor systems satisfy today’s material handling demands, handling a wide variety of product types, from malleable polybags to rigid totes and cases.

Scalable designs provide the right level of automation for operational needs and offer industry-leading reliability to keep high-throughput systems running during critical peaks. Backed by total lifecycle support, Intelligrated conveyor systems deliver maximum uptime, durability and return on investment.

Fast, gentle product handling in scalable, compact designs Configured as modular components, Intelligrated conveyor solutions occupy a minimal system footprint and seamlessly integrate with other automated equipment.

Coupled with advanced controls and software, Intelligrated conveyor solutions provide fast, gentle product handling to preserve package integrity while maintaining high throughput levels.

Complete integration and support services combined with industry-leading engineering and ease of maintenance ensure a lifetime of reliable service.

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