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Can Blockchain Revolutionize the Supply Chain?

In this white paper Ranjit Notani, One Network CTO examines Blockchain’s powerful potential as well as a major problem and whether and how Blockchains can revolutionize the Supply Chain. By Ranjit Notani

Can Blockchain's revolutionize the Supply Chain?

Our conclusion is that the answer is a qualified yes.

To really answer this question, we need to understand what exactly Blockchains are and what they bring to the table.

Along the way, we will introduce a more nuanced way of looking at Blockchains and introduce some new concepts, ideas, and taxonomy that will provide a conceptual framework to better answer this question.

Although this paper is written in the context of Supply Chains we believe the ideas are applicable to a wide range of multiparty problems.

Blockchain has the potential to radically transform supply chain... if it can solve this one problem.

This white paper explains exactly what Blockchain is and the unique advantages it provides.

It identifies the major problem facing Blockchain in relation to supply chains, and proposes a solution.

Download this white paper and learn:

  • Why the "shared ledger" view of Blockchain is a misleading and what it really is
  • The major problem when it comes to supply chains and the failed attempts to fix it
  • How the concepts of "Frontchain" and "Backchain" can provide a solution
  • Why "Deep Matrixed Permissions" are necessary for a multi-party supply chain
  • How Blockchain can use new technology to radically improve the way supply chains are managed

“For all the potential of Blockchain, there is still the necessity of having a non-Blockchain mediator (the Backchain Initiator) to cover the majority of the revolutionary use-cases of single version-of-the-truth mediated shared state.”

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