Bridge to Blockchain: A Platform for Orchestrating Multi Enterprise Networks

In this white paper, you will learn why blockchain platforms vary widely in terms capability, disclosure, confidentiality, anonymity, the cost to use, and speed, and why companies need to leverage more than one blockchain network to realize game-changing business models. By Geoffrey Annseley

October 16, 2018

How Third Generation Blockchain Networks Will Transform Business

The third generation of blockchain networks has solved many of the problems of the earlier generations.

Money is now pouring into companies developing blockchain-based platforms.

These companies are targeting many traditional business models, especially those that involve brittle and complex B2B and B2C processes.

It’s time to take steps to prepare for this onslaught.

Businesses need to learn how they can exploit and adapt this technology before it disrupts them.

This paper looks at how companies can use blockchain now, with pre-built blockchain-enabled apps, and build their own blockchain enabled apps with an easy to use Software Developers Kit (SDK).

Some of what you’ll learn:

  • Why ERP and B2B systems can’t compete with blockchain
  • The key differences between traditional centralized enterprise systems and decentralized network systems
  • What the rise of “blockchain-as-a-service” means
  • Why you need a multi-party network service in a blockchain world
  • How to leverage your current IT investments while enhancing them with blockchain
  • What you should know about Smart Contracts and “Proof of Service”
  • What the next-generation control towers look like

Orchestration Across Legacy Systems and Multi-Party Blockchain Networks

Multi-Party Network Orchestrated Blockchains

Download the white paper to learn more about blockchain and specifically how companies can transition from where they are now to get the full benefits of blockchain without sacrificing their current IT investments and without big risks.

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