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Break Down Costly Supply Chain Data Silos Once and For All

TAKE Supply Chain’s OneSCM solution breaks down the siloes that have historically existed internally and externally among supply chain organizations and provides both your internal and external stakeholders a single point of access. By TAKE Supply Chain

You shouldn’t have to be an ERP expert to work in an ERP-centric environment.

Nor should you have to delay your adoption of advanced technologies because you don’t have a way to automatically capture, share, analyze and apply real-time data across your supply chain operations.

That’s why cost-conscious supply chains use TAKE™ Supply Chain’s OneSCM platform to orchestrate cross-departmental transactions – and maintain real-time communications with suppliers across the globe – with complete accuracy and cost-saving efficiency.

Not only does OneSCM provide…

  • A user-friendly, web-based portal in multiple languages;
  • A single source of access to data from all your back-office systems;
  • Up-to-the-minute data accuracy;
  • Real-time alerts to revenue-generating opportunities – for you and your suppliers.

This collaborative digital supply chain console facilitates a completely synchronized “decision network” between you and your suppliers so that you can…

  • Track and trace inventory, invoices and every other piece of information critical to gaining a competitive advantage and maintaining a Just-In-Time manufacturing model;
  • Eliminate the exorbitant supply chain management expenses produced by ERP-only environments or existing back-office systems that are otherwise unable to communicate with one another;
  • Keep planning, procurement, logistics/shipping, finance, and other supply chain executives in step with external suppliers – whether they’re at their desk or working via mobile device.

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