Amber Road Company Overview

The global supply chain is comprised of a set of complex business processes involving many players spread all over the world. An effective Global Trade Management (GTM) digital platform must be able to handle these diverse functions and also integrate well with both systems and people. By Amber Road

November 23, 2017

Amber Road’s mission is to dramatically transform the way companies conduct global trade. We help companies all over the world create value through their global supply chain by improving margins, achieving greater agility and lowering risk. With the largest functional footprint in the GTM software industry our single-platform solution provides capabilities that start with product design and continue through final order fulfillment.

We replace manual and outdated processes with comprehensive automation for global trade activities, including sourcing, supplier management, production tracking, transportation management, supply chain visibility, import and export compliance, and duty management. We provide rich data analytics to uncover areas for optimization and deliver a platform that is responsive and flexible to adapt to the ever-changing nature of global trade. Lastly, we empower our customers through collaboration both internally and through their supply chain network. We associate supply chain transactions (like purchase orders, factory orders, shipments, bills of lading, and customs entries) with detailed line item information to allow for comprehensive supply chain visibility, alerting, and reporting.

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