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2017 Resilience Index Annual Report

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FM Global

See resilience in a whole new way, the new FM Global Resilience Index can help you better understand countries' business resilience to disruption, and provides critical insight to inform your strategic decisions. By FM Global

FM Global presents you with a powerful, strategic decision-making resource to help you gain insight into your business and supply chain risks throughout the world.

The 2017 FM Global Resilience Index offers a detailed road map toward maximizing enterprise resilience.

We hope these unique analytics will assist you when deciding where to site your operations or with choosing supply chain partners so you can produce without interruption.

Resilience is the ability to withstand disruption and rebound quickly.

It becomes vital when your business is dependent upon more than one country as each has its own drivers of resilience, some of which may be unknown in developing countries.

The 2017 FM Global Resilience Index is more robust than ever at ranking 130 countries and territories according to their enterprise resilience to disruptive events.

It pulls together authoritative global resources including data not publicly available, such as country-level rollups and supply chain risks.

More data points and a more robust methodology have enabled us to enhance our measurement of key drivers of enterprise resilience across these regions.

This information can help you better:

  • Determine which locales are most resilient to disruptive events
  • Site your facilities
  • Select suppliers
  • Evaluate your established supply chains
  • Uncover customers who are vulnerable

You can dive deeper into the new data at This online, interactive version of the FM Global Resilience Index is the first data-driven tool and repository of its kind.

To ensure the independence of the analysis, we have commissioned Pentland Analytics, an advanced analytics firm focused on risk and shareholder value, to produce the FM Global Resilience Index.

The index can assist a variety of leaders and a wide range of organizations. C-suite executives - in particular, the chief executive officer (CEO), chief operating officer (COO) and the chief financial officer (CFO) - can use the index as a planning tool to strategically manage enterprise risk.

Operational managers - such as the risk or insurance manager, the supply chain manager, or the plant or facilities manager - can access the index to easily find where vulnerabilities in different countries may lie.

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