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Company: Xterprise

Xterprise Inc., founded in 2002, provides radio frequency-identification (RFID) software, services and complete solutions to brand suppliers and retailers worldwide. The company helps enterprises implement RFID within manufacturing plants, supply chains and retail stores. The company serves two primary clients: retailers – department stores and specialty chains – and the manufacturers that supply goods to retailers.

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American Apparel tested and deployed an item level RFID-based system that allowed store managers to track the movement of clothing items from ASN receiving, to back room put away, through restock staging and retail sales floor cycle counts and on to the point-of-sale execution. By leveraging this advanced RFID solution from Xterprise,…

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American Apparel was looking for a smarter way to meet their goals and, from what they had learned, item-level RFID looked like precisely the solution they wanted. Given the control the company has over its own manufacturing, distribution and retail operations, the plan was to reap the benefits of RFID not only on the retail floor, but throughout its closed loop supply chain. (April 05, 2013)

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Globe Ranger. GlobeRanger is the leading provider of RFID and mobility software solutions. Its innovative platform, iMotion, provides the critical software ...
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