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Company: Vested Way

Vested Way is the result of the University of Tennessee’s Center for Executive Education, daring to be innovative and creating Vested partnerships, in order to drive academic research into a dynamic movement that can empower your company, organization, or partnership for success you cannot even imagine (yet).

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Together, McDonald’s, its owner/operators, and their suppliers have created a System to be reckoned with, a System that continues to set records after 50 years, and many have credited McDonald’s with transforming the food industry, but ask anyone at McDonald’s and they will tell you they could not do it alone.

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Is there a “secret sauce” for consistent supply chain success? McDonald’s, which is consistently ranked in the top echelon of supply chains by Gartner, thinks so, the fast food leader stays atop of the marketplace with a “system” where suppliers and McDonald’s “share the pie.” (December 20, 2016)

Following last year’s merger and acquisition frenzy, the speed of technology implementation by the new “mega 3PLs” will need to keep pace with the evolving challenges of omni-channel fulfillment, and those providers that meet shipper needs will remain dominant. (June 06, 2016)

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Lopsided logistics and transportation agreements are comprised of onerous terms and conditions, and a disproportionate shifting of risk over to service providers, and this approach has become the norm in the third party logistics industry. (June 15, 2015)

Best Practices
Kate Vitasek, Pete Moore, and Bonnie Keith, members of the University of Tennessee's center for Executive Education share their five steps and a series of tips to improve your outsourcing relationship right from the start. (April 09, 2014)

Trends is reportedly moving into warehouses owned by suppliers like Procter & Gamble (PG) to cut back on costs and shipping times, potentially giving the online retail giant an edge over competitors. According to a report from The Wall Street Journal, some of Amazon’s important suppliers are sharing warehouse space with the company. (October 17, 2013)

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Want to improve your outsourcing efforts? This article unpacks the lessons of five “Big Thinkers” in the world of economics and shares how their insights can help improve your outsourcing. (April 16, 2013)

In her book, Vested Outsourcing: Five Rules That Will Transform Outsourcing, Kate Vitasek talks about three case studies, with P&G, McDonalds and Microsoft, and their successful supplier relationships. A common theme was the shift away from a traditional customer-supplier relationship to a highly collaborative relationship aimed at developing a win-win solution. (April 08, 2013)

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Vested® is a mindset, methodology, business model and movement for highly-collaborative, win-win relationships.
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