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Company: Verigo

Verigo is technology company on a mission to reduce supply chain abuse and help keep the products you rely on safe. From fresh produce to pharmaceuticals, Verigo develops quality management solutions that empower stakeholders to ensure safety and reduce shrink of the perishable products in transit. Verigo strives to bring truth, transparency, and traceability to perishable supply chains through innovative technologies that make the world safer and less wasteful. Verigo is truth in transit.

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This introduction paper provides everything you need to know about Pod Quality, including how it works, features, and benefits.

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Verigo CEO Adam Kinsey describes how the Gainesville company's sensor technology can reduce waste by bringing the Internet of Things to logistics and supply chain management, and after 4 years of R&D, they have launched a leading “pod quality” analysis monitoring device for the perishable supply chain. (October 04, 2017)

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Food supply chain startup Verigo has launched a new quality analysis platform that enables pallet level monitoring to provide real-time analysis of fresh products, allowing growers, wholesalers, and retailers to increase quality and reduce losses of produce in transit. (September 26, 2017)

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