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Company: Trissential

Trissential, is a regional management consultancy focused on business improvement. The firm is passionate about helping clients build effective strategies, efficient management and exceptional execution through the right mix of process, discipline and rigor. Trissential offers expertise in a wide range of industries, plus specialized practices for Enterprise Resource Planning and Supply Chain, JD Edwards and Public Sector. With offices in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Madison and Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and Chicago, Illinois, Trissential serves clients throughout the Midwest.

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Why are millions spent on implementing a new ERP solution only to find an inability to meet the original objectives or take advantage of future benefits via upgrades? We hear these stories daily. The solution is as simple as having a sound strategy, effective management and efficient execution.

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The supply chain discipline is replete with rules that most managers live by. But in certain cases, true innovation and breakthroughs come only when those conventional rules are broken. By clearly understanding the nature of the rules and the details of your supply chain, you can better determine where and when rule-breaking makes sense. (April 21, 2013)

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