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Cambridge, Massachusetts, 02140
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Tive helps companies eliminate surprises in their supply chain by providing real-time visibility of the location and condition of their shipments. Tive has developed a sensor solution that allows supply chain managers to track and analyze location, climate and shipment integrity. With custom alert configuration, logging and reporting, Tive ensures that companies are never caught off guard by damage or delays, helping them improve customer service while reducing manufacturing disruptions and logistics costs.


Beyond Visibility: How to Build a Supply Chain That Thinks
This white paper details how end-to-end visibility will bring about a cognitive, predictive and digital supply chain, in which the flow of goods,…


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Move Over RFID: The Promise of Real ‘Supply Chain Visibility’ Has Arrived
Despite the hype, it turns out that RFID was only the beginning, the promise of end-to-end supply chain visibility that began years ago with RFID is now being realized through new, predictive tools for accessing and using supply chain data, and it’s giving early adopters an edge.

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