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Company: TIBCO

TIBCO Software Inc. is a global leader in infrastructure and business intelligence software. Whether it’s optimizing inventory, cross-selling products, or averting crisis before it happens, TIBCO uniquely delivers the Two-Second Advantage®—the ability to capture the right information at the right time and act on it preemptively for a competitive advantage. With a broad mix of innovative products and services, TIBCO is the strategic technology partner trusted by businesses around the world.

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Supply chain leaders are expressing rising frustration about the gap of what they see as possible in the digital age and what they experience in their day-to-day world in their offices - it is a conundrum. (July 30, 2015)

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Provides interactive visual data analysis software centered around the
TIBCO (The Information Bus Company) Software Inc. is an American company that provides integration, analytics and event-processing software for companies to use on ...
Tibco Software to acquire data science platform provider Statistica. A year after Dell sold off Statistica, Tibco is picking up the company to bolster its Internet of ...
TIBCO integration handles real-time data preparation and transformation across multiple sources, creates workflows that orchestrate service calls, and exposes APIs ...
Sales & Consulting Telephone: Americas: +1 866 240 0491 France: +33 144517888 Germany: +49 894 895 6020 Italy: +39 06 455908 540 Netherlands: +31 10 280 5050 Spain ...
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The TIBCO Spotfire platform assimilates data from multiple sources and empowers you to perform complex analyses and create dynamic easy-to-use visual dashboards.
The source view introduced in Spotfire 7.6 and all of the data wrangling features added since are now available via the Spotfire API. This allows for new ways of ...
Welcome to the TIBCO Cloud™ Community Wiki! This is a place where you can share your knowledge of TIBCO Cloud™ Products with others. And find the information you ...
Get fast, actionable insights into your R&D data with our easy-to-use and visual TIBCO Spotfire dashboards.
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